kitty n , pl kitties
1. diminutive name for a kitten or cat
2. any shared fund of money

The Team

We are based in Berlin. This is us:

Caspar Wrede

Product, Frontend


Paul Bünau


Matt Henderson



toy rocket science

Jonas, Andreas, Luzian



The story

The ski trip where everyone has a different mix of how they got there, where they stayed, and what they ate. The shared apartment whose expenses are tracked via a grubby list pinned to a board in the kitchen. The stag weekend where a vast number of expenses accumulate.

For all of these, splitting the costs afterwards is a huge headache and usually requires an excel ninja.

We searched in vain for a painless online solution. One that was simple and worked without fuss or registration. Finally, the 3 of us got together, drank beer and stroked our chins, and set out to to make splitting costs as easy as humanly possible.


Kittysplit could not have been made without the following technologies

  • Github
  • Google App Engine
  • Java
  • Jetty
  • JQuery
  • Beer
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Selenium Webdriver
  • IntelliJ
  • JIRA