The new version of Kittysplit is online

Written on May 14, 2015

This is just a quick note to say that we did it!


We launched the new version of Kittysplit. The old version, for nostalgia friends, is still online here. Your old kitties will continue to work exactly as before.

New Features

Here's a quick reminder about what's new (we covered it in more detail in our post announcing the beta).

  1. New design and logo
  2. Kittysplit is now available in German. More languages will follow soon.
  3. You can now add incoming expenses to a kitty.
  4. Some basic stats are provided per kitty.
  5. Debts can now be marked as settled.
  6. Kittysplit is no longer hosted on Google App Engine, instead we are running on Digital Ocean using Phoenix on Elixir.
  7. Massive speed and security improvements.
  8. Much much more cowbell.

Any questions, we're right here for you.

So long, Kittysplit.

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