Beta version of the all new Kittysplit

Written on March 19, 2015

There is so much goodness in the new version of Kittysplit that we don't actually know where to begin. It's been completely rewritten from scratch and after vigorous testing we're now confident that it can be slowly exposed to the light of the real world. You can try it here right now

New coat of paint

The thing you'll probably notice first is that we have a new logo. We think it's marvelous and hope that you do too. Thanks Nora!


To go with the logo we also have a new look and colour-scheme. Note that we may tweak this a little more before we release the final version, and indeed after we launch the final version — because we can.

New features

Onto the beef.

There are a bunch of brilliant new features and even more are coming soon. Here are the most important ones:

  1. Kittysplit is now available in German. Wunderbar! Now that we've introduced one new language, adding further ones is going to be much easier. Next up: French. After that? Italian? Spanish? If you want to help us translate Kittysplit, do get in touch.
  2. You can now add incoming expenses to a kitty. Several people have asked for this. It's useful, for example, when a deposit is returned to the group.
  3. Some basic stats are provided per kitty. You can see how much the group spent in total, how much you spent and what your total share is.
  4. Debts can now be marked as settled. Lots of you had asked for this feature.

New tech

We haven't just polished the surface. Kittysplit is now implemented using some very shiny new technology: Phoenix on Elixir. Hushed voices whisper that it could be the new Ruby on Rails. We didn't wait, but went with it now. We're also no longer running on Google App engine.

We'll expand on these topics in a later post.

Can I use the new beta for real-life things?

Yes! Your data will be safe. Once the beta transitions to the default version your kitties will be right there. We are not going to throw anything away.

What about my old kitties?

Your kitties will stay on the "old" kittysplit. We're not going to move them over, because it would be a lorry-load of work that we'd rather invest in other cool things. Don't worry, they'll continue to work and you can carry on adding expenses as before. They will continue to work for at least a year.

You should try the new Kittysplit right now. Please please leave us feedback in the comments below or via the feedback function. We got to where we are with your comments and suggestions — don't stop now.

So long, Kittysplit.

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